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Thursday, May 11, 2006 

Viral experiment

For one of our clients, TGV , we are trying a little viral experiment. We have made a nice video (underneath) that we have put on their website, which we believe to have some viral potential. Now we started to post this video on all possible video sharing websites such as Youtube (we have already posted it on +/- 30 of them). The next step in the process is trying to get in contact with influential bloggers in the different target countries to have a look at the video and if they like it to blog about it.

Why did we propose this idea?

We had a very small budget and the client wanted to do a classic banner campaign since their objective was to create brand awareness for their site. With the limited budget we knew we would only be able to buy limited space and with ever-decreasing click-trough rates we didn't expect a lot of return for their money. That's why we are trying this. We split the budget in 3: shooting the video, building the webpages and having one of our webmasters ready to get in contact with bloggers during the following 20 days. We are convinced that we will have more view, downloads and visits to their site than if we would have done a simple banner campaign. I'll keep you posted on the progress of this campaign. Of course all remarks are welcome.

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