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Monday, May 08, 2006 

Some thoughts

When looking at the program about Google on Uitzendinggemist I had to think about the postings I read on Unbundled advertising at MIT Advertising Lab and at Donata Communications. I only watch tv programs when I've read about it on some blog I have in my RSS Feeder, just as I did with the Google program. I have never come home, started my computer and watched or zapped randomly to watch tv on my pc as I would do with normal tv watching. Wouldn't it be an idea to use web 2.0 features on those tv programs where I would be able to go to one site where I have selected the watching list of a few people I trust so that I can find interesting or entertaining programs in only a few clicks? This will become even more interesting once you have site such as Uitzendinggemist for many more countries or channels. This reminds me of even another posting I found on Trendwatching about "Curated consumption". I believe this will become very important for content providers and tv companies. I would love to have some Amazon-like features that tell me what other people watched after you have seen something of interest. Just an idea!

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