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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

P&G creates TV Show

Interesting article from Big Picture Advertising taken over completely underneath:

P&G creates TV show: " We're big fans of email marketing - we have lots of case studies that show just how effective it can be. But even we're a bit surprised that P&G has turned an email newsletter into a TV show. P&G have had a very successful site and email newsletter called Home Made Simple - with lots of practical tips on home issues.

The transition to a TV show been talked about for a while, and the first episode goes out on June 4 on the Living Channel in the US. You can see a clip on the website - its style will be very familiar to anyone who watches the plethora of home makeover programmes on British TV.

Its a clear example of the new world of marketing - P&G get good profile for one of their key channels for selling lots of their brands that would never merit TV support. Living get a show with a ready made audience - and the marketing muscle of P&G to keep driving traffic. And the consumer gets good content.

And based on our knowledge of how Coke benefited from their product placement in American Idol we suspect that P&G ads in the show will work really hard too. A win win.

When we're briefing a project we increasingly try and think about how a concept would work as a TV show - given that the web is becoming a video medium rather than a text one. And in the world of IPTV there is no reason why any brand can't have its own TV show - the challenge is to make the content engaging. Just as it is with any form of advertising these days."

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