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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Increasing the effect of advertising on word of mouth

Taken over from I-wisdom:

Increasing the effect of advertising on word of mouth: "Did you know that only 3,4% of actual face-to-face Word-of-Mouth conversations are stimulated by the marketing organisations promotional effort? Given the fact that from the top-5 Word-of-mouth stimulants, more than 50% of WOM is determined when one partner in a conversation feels a need with the other conversational partners, and more than 18% is just merely coïncidential Word-of-Mouth.

If this teaches us one thing, than it's definitely the fact that we should pay a lot more attention to understanding the context of WOM conversations and how the messages are woven into everyday conversations. One of the implications for this is that marketingcommunication should pay a lot more attention to the level of talkability of the commercial message. If there could be a better match with this conversational context, in which conversational partners address felt needs, than we might increase this 3,4% dramatically.

Link: http://www.womma.org/metrics/pres/womma_research_carl.pdf

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Walter Carl at the Measuring Word Of Mouth conference. More presentations here.

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