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Monday, January 23, 2006 

GoGo Kidz: Easing Airport Travel for Parents

I only wished I had this before I took the plane with my little girl.
GoGo Kidz: Easing Airport Travel for Parents: "Here's a great product just waiting for some great promotion and marketing partnerships. The GoGokidz Travelmate is a plate with wheels and a telescoping handle system that attaches to a variety of toddler car seats. The idea is to make your car seat easy to manage in airports. Brilliant! Car seats are one of the most awkward and unruly things to cary through airports. The American FAA strongly recommends that parents bring a car seat for their young children on jetliners. Additionally, rental car companies and ground transportation operators often charge expensive fees for providing car seats. To save the hassle, cost and provide safety parents need to bring their own car seats. The added bonus is that parents can leave the stroller behind and simply strap their child into the car seat and roll them along.

The huge opportunity here is for car seat manufacturers to build this functionality into their products as an added feature and market differentiator. Additionally, airlines could co-brand these to enhance the family friendly image of their airline.

The next step here is to think about the bigger picture. Parents can only roll and carry just so much through an airport. If their rolling their car seat that means they aren't rolling a carry-on suitcase. Perhaps there is further opportunity here to figure out a way to further attac"

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