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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Corporate bloggers criticizing their employer on their blog - a catch22?

Good analysis found on i-wisdom but I guess it does not always evolve this smoothly. It could also go like this:
- blogger criticizes employer
- employer doesn't respond publicly
- employer doesn't care about street cred
- blogger get's fired

Corporate bloggers criticizing their employer on their blog - a catch22?:

Joseph Jaffe has some interesting thoughts on corporate bloggers who openly criticize their employer, like Robert Scoble constantly does with his employer Microsoft. You might think that the employer crosses a line. The problem for the employer is however that (quoting Joseph Jaffe) 'any overt action by the employer (other than actually addressing the issue) is likely to be a PR-minefield'. Which sounds like a catch-22 for the employer. However, you can also look at it as a a PR-opportunity:

The bottom line is that it is an opportunity waiting to be capitalized. No less. At the very minimum, it gives the company in question the chance to explain itself

A lucky guess: we'll be seeing some tactictal PR-games on this issue: Blogger will criticize his employer. Employer responds in a very friendly way. Employer gets the street credibility. Employer and blogger have a good meal with the PR-agency aftwards. Links: Jaffe Juice: Blogging the hand that feeds you.

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