Thursday, December 29, 2005 

i-merge wishes you...

Very nice christmas campaign from our friends at i=merge. i-merge wishes you...


'The Corporation' for Free on Google Video

You can watch it here
Thanks to the consumerist
href="">'The Corporation' for Free on Google Video


Staples | Easy Button

Great commercials from Staples

Thanks to Beyond Madison Avenue

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 

Marketing mistakes

Great examples of how not to do it:Marketing Mistakes
Thanks to Reveries


Cool ad for Virgin

Very nice ad for Virgin Mobile

Thanks to thehiddenpersuader

Monday, December 26, 2005 

Trading Up Who's Trading Up

Nice analysis of consumer behavior at Boston Consulting Group

Friday, December 23, 2005 

Fan of Sony BRAVIA

I like this ad Sony BRAVIA - The Advert so much I installed the screensaver, used the wallpaper on my mobile and set the music as a ringing tone. Definetly a lovemark for me!

Thursday, December 22, 2005 

Joe La Pompe

Great example of copycat ads. Joe La Pompe
Found thanks to i-wisdom

Tuesday, December 20, 2005 


Great site to look at how your brand is performing in the blogosphere
Thanks to Business2



Europe Averages 10+ Hours a Week Online. EIAA Study Reveals Online Usage Growing Faster than Any Other Media. Press Relaese can be found here: eiaa


Rok-omhoog billboard

Nice billboard!

Rok-omhoog billboard


The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005

Great list of Web 2.0 software.
The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005 (


... but is it memorable?

... For now, think about how you can use the brain's built-in memory "tagging" system to help users learn/remember more quickly. Link the thing you want remembered with something likely to evoke at least the tiniest chemical reaction. And what are those things? The same things that the brain finds interesting:

* Surprise, novelty, the unexpected
* Beauty
* Stories
* Conversation (including conversational writing)
* Emotionally touching (the whole kids and puppies thing)
* Counterintuitive failures or mistakes
* Fun, playfulness, humor
* Varying visuals
* Faces of people, especially with strong expressions
* Sounds, music
* Shock, creepy things
and of course...
* Sexiness
... but is it memorable?: "

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

50 Coolest Websites 2005 -

Always into list at the en of the year:
50 Coolest Websites 2005 -


Les Blogs 2.0: Renaissance 2.0

Found on Les Blogs 2.0: Renaissance 2.0 and very interesting if you ask me. Here are his 8 rules:

1. Information wants to be free
2. Zero distance
3. Mass amateurisation
4. More is much more
5. True names
6. Viral behaviour
7. Everything is personal
8. Ubiquitouos computer

And this opposed to what major corporations do:

1. Copyright
2. Borders
3. Censorship
4. Network blocking
5. Identity cards and databases
6. More network blocking
7. Everything is trackable
8. No privacy


Billboards talk to your mobile phone

Billboards talk to your mobile phone: "I read in Adrants:  ' Technology Enables Billboards to Direct Camera Phone Users to Websites. In Japan, Northewest Airlines is running a billboard campaign which contains QR codes, small image tags on the billboards which contain an embedded URL. When a camera phone user takes a picture of the board, they are directed to a website that features a game where airline coupons can be won. A company called Semacode makes the technology behind the QR codes. Many phone manufacturers are adopting the technology which may make billboards finally serve a purpose other that simple brand awareness or physical directionals.


'boards - Screening Room

Nice ad for DHL. I believe their positioning "going for service" is the way to go forward.
'boards - Screening Room -- Thinking

Some great trend reports can be found here -- Thinking


An Adman's Guide To Survival

A must read for everybody in marketing
An Adman's Guide To Survival

Monday, December 12, 2005 

EPIC 2014

I've listened to it several times and it remains great!
EPIC 2014

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Alex Barnett blog : Several Predictions for 2006

If you are looking for predictions in our advertising industry, have a look here: Alex Barnett blog : Several Predictions for 2006


Frankwatching - Vive Les Blogs

Interesting list of quotes from Frankwatching:

* Hoe een slechte blog tloch nog goed werd. Corporate blogging by L'Oreal.
* Microsoft's Channel 9 trok afgelopen maand 2,8 miljoen bezoekers zonder dat daar een dollar PR-geld aan besteed is en zonder dat er vanaf de corporate site echt naar deze site gelinkt wordt. Goede content en een actieve community verkoopt zichzelf, word-of-mouth in optima forma.
* A good blog has passion and authority.
* Interessant zijn die blogs die de brug bouwen tussen de werelden van de geeks en de non-geeks.
* De 4 p's van marketing (prijs, product, plaats, promotie) zijn vervangen door de 2 p's: peer-powered.
* IBM heeft 4.700 interne blogs en 30 externe blogs. Microsoft heeft 2.000 externe blogs.
* Use the network effectm not the pipelines and the hierarchy.
* Liever 1.000 bloggers die over je schrijven dan 1 online branding campagne.
* Je hebt drie soorten blogs, elk met hun eigen invloedsfeer: A-list (bijv. Scobleizer), The Magic Middle (tussen de 100 en 1.000 bezoekers) en The Long Tail (vele kleintjes maken een grote).
* Zie blogs als een marketingkanaal, een extra plek om een pitch te doen.
* Er zijn twee hoofdredenen om blogs te gebruiken: communicatie (voordelen van conversaties) en format (voordelen van bijvoorbeeld search engine ranking en RSS).
* Het interessante betoog van voormalig CNN-journaliste Rebecca MacKinnon over haar overstap naar Global Voices en haar keuze voor weblogs.
* Weblogs are forcing journalists to become more honest.

Frankwatching - Vive Les Blogs


Madison Avenue and branding

Great analysis. I've copied it in total benath

Madison Avenue and branding: "In Bob Bly's recent post entitled 'The Great Madison Avenue Branding Rip-Off,' he and friend Richard Armstrong argues:

“'Get three Madison Avenue types in a room and it’s ‘branding’ this and ‘branding’ that.  But it’s ridiculous...  it’s just one of MANY credibility factors that go into an advertisement.' 

... The conclusion: branding is just one of many CREDIBILITY factors in marketing … and credibility is just one of multiple factors in selling … so to devote your advertising to building the brand is to do something like 1/10th of the selling job it should be doing.'

I've worked on both the agency and client sides of the table, and here's my take: Agency execs are right: the brand is paramount. Ed and Richard are right: credibility and reputation are paramount.

A brand is an idea in the minds of constituents (customers, employees, etc.)... and that idea is created by what a company says (marketing) and does (operations.) A brand is the sum total of what people think about your company. Sometimes it's schizophrenic, or says one thing and does another, in which case credibility is shot.

An effective brand keeps its promises. Advertising should communicate the brand promise, and operations should fulfill it. Everything should work together."

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