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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

Yahoo Gets Cozy with TiVo

Yahoo Gets Cozy with TiVo: "
Yahoo's deal with TiVo to let Yahoo members program their TiVos from the Web (via Yahoo TV) is a play to once again connect the laid-back and lean-forward worlds of TV and the Internet. We've seen this movie before with limited success (WebTV), but there is chance here to enhance both experiences without expecting too much of the audience.

Making it easy to program my TiVo from the Web is a good start, but there is no reason why Yahoo cannot start pushing all sorts of other content (photos, video clips, stock quotes, etc.) to people's TiVo boxes as well. The key will be to push it (via RSS or Media RSS), as opposed to trying to make people surf the Web form their TVs—an unnatural act, if there ever was one. That way you let the computer do what it does well, and the TV do what it does well.

Think of this as another faltering step towards turning consumers into television programmers. Today, TiVo allows me to program from my TV, of course, but it is still a long and arduous process. I want to program from my laptop, and sit back and watch on my TV. And I want to mix and match content from cable, the Web, and my digital camera and camcorder, store it on Yahoo, stream it to TiVo, and watch it on my TV.

I'm sure this is the way to go forward. The convergence between all media is now really starting.

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