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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

IF – 10 New Rules of Branding

Great list I found at IF! Here is the posting.

Simon Williams of branding consultancy Sterling Group argues, in an article for Chiefmarketer.com, that in today's consumer environment brands have to work that little bit harder and smarter to cut through. To achieve the cut through Simon proposes a new set of marketing rules:

1) Brands that influence culture sell more; culture is the new catalyst for growth.

2) A brand with no point of view has no point; full-flavor branding is in, vanilla is out.

3) Today's consumer is leading from the front; this is the smartest generation to have ever walked the planet.

4) Customize wherever and whenever you can; customization is tomorrow's killer whale.

5) Forget the transaction, just give me an experience; the mandate is simple: Wow them every day, every way.

6) Deliver clarity at point of purchase; be obsessive about presentation.

7) You are only as good as your weakest link; do you know where you're vulnerable?

8) Social responsibility is no longer an option; what's your cause, what's your contribution?

9) Pulse, pace, and passion really make a difference; had your heartbeat checked recently?

10) Innovation is the new boardroom favorite.

The complete article can be found here

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